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“My shy and reserved daughter loved her weekly tap and ballet classes with Miss Tawnya. The classes were the perfect mix of creativity and structure! My daughter had fun with her friends, but she gained specific skills and coordination. She even felt comfortable to take the risk to perform in several recitals! After seeing my daughter enjoy these classes, my 5-year old son asked to dance! He participated in a boy’s hip-hop class for two years, and he LOVED it!! Miss Tawnya taught those energetic boys some incredible moves! She maintained high expectations for them, but she found the perfect balance of discipline and joy! She is an excellent teacher who knows how to differentiate instruction based on the age and interest level of her students. My family has benefited so much from her programs!”

Elisabeth W

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Phone: 208-871-9129

Glenwood & State: 6734 N Glenwood St, Boise, ID 83714

Hidden Springs: 5890 W Hidden Springs Dr, Boise, ID 83714

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