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Class Descriptions

Youth and Adult Class Descriptions

Music & Movement

Music & Movement classes are high energy and imaginative, serve as an introduction into the performing arts, aim to build confidence, develop social skills, and by nature improve and develop good posture and poise, balance, coordination, flexibility, rhythm, and timing. Ideal for ages 3-5 yrs old.

Classroom attire: Ballet leotard, ballet tights, ballet shoes. Ballet skirts and tutu’s are acceptable too! (Tap shoes may be used in this class, please discuss with your instructor ahead of time). Hair tied away from face.

Dance Combo Classes (Pre K, Kinder, Minis, Jr)

Dance Combo classes are a great way for students still discovering dance to explore multiple styles. This class serves beginning through intermediate levels of dancers. Each class is set out to discover each of the students’ dance style preference and aptitude. Conditioning & technique will be applied to assist the dancer in building the strength & endurance required for dance. Teachers are directed to focus the first few weeks of a student’s attendance helping them flow through different styles of dance such as ballet, jazz, tap, character, contemporary/lyrical, hip hop and more. The styles will vary depending upon the teacher’s experience and the students abilities and interests. These classes are approachable to beginners but also challenging to more advanced dancers. If you or your child are looking to direct your training specifically speak with Tawnya ahead of time to get accurate placement.

Classroom attire: Dance leotards, dance t-shirts & tank tops, dance tops, dance shorts or leggings, & other athletic clothing permitted in class. Black ballet &/or jazz shoes, sneakers, & tap shoes may all be used in this class. Please discuss with your child’s teacher ahead of your first class. Hair tied away from face (hats are permitted during Hip Hop).

Hip Hop (Adult class teachers rotate)

Discover the essence of urban dance in our Hip Hop class! From classic moves to modern styles, we’ll explore the foundations of Hip Hop while grooving to fresh beats. Whether you’re new to dancing or looking to sharpen your skills, join us for a fun-filled session of rhythm, movement, and self-expression. Currently, we offer youth, beginning, & intermediate/advanced hip hop classes.

Classroom attire: Anything that you can move freely in is great! Keep it classy please.

Jazz (Adult class teachers rotate)

Dive into the world of Jazz dance with us! From classic Broadway moves to contemporary & funk twists, we’ll explore the vibrant rhythms and expressive steps that make Jazz unique. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned dancer, come join us for a fun-filled class where you can groove, move, and let your inner star shine! We offer youth (within the combo classes), beginner, & intermediate/advanced classes.

Classroom attire: Please come in clothing you can move freely in and the instructor can see your lines for safety & technical corrections. 


Discover the grace and beauty of ballet in this introductory class designed for beginners. Students will learn fundamental ballet techniques, including basic positions, footwork, and simple choreography. Emphasis will be placed on proper posture, flexibility, and musicality, providing a solid foundation for future dance training. No prior dance experience required. Join us to experience the joy of ballet! Currently we offer youth (within the combo classes) & beginning classes.

Classroom attire: Hair tied back, clothing that reveals your body alignment to the teacher for safety and dance technique reasons, and ballet shoes of choice.

Contemporary/Lyrical (Adult class teachers rotate)

Explore the dynamic worlds of contemporary and lyrical dance in this versatile class. Each session alternates between the fluid, emotive style of lyrical dance and the innovative, expressive movements of contemporary dance, with a touch of fusion to keep things fresh and exciting. Students will build technique, enhance flexibility, and develop their ability to tell stories through movement. This class is perfect for dancers looking to diversify their skills and express themselves through different dance styles. Currently we offer youth (within the combo classes), beginner, & intermediate/advanced classes.

Body Sculpt (Teachers Rotate)

Body sculpt is a class that varies in style by instructor but includes elements of toning, strengthening, muscle endurance, light cardio, & stretching to impact your overall movement, flexibility, & strength. You may see elements of barre, pilates, ballet, dance, HIIT, & fighting elements in this class.


Open Level Vinyasa 

A flow style class with a different focus each week. Exploration of alignment in various postures, breath, & movement for embodiment. 60-65 minute all levels.

Barre Sculpt

Strengthen and tone your body with our invigorating Barre class. This workout combines elements of ballet, Pilates, and yoga to create a low-impact, high-intensity fitness experience. Utilizing the ballet barre for support, students will perform a series of isometric exercises and stretches designed to target and sculpt muscles, improve posture, and enhance flexibility. Suitable for all fitness levels, this class provides a full-body workout that will leave you feeling strong, balanced, and energized. No dance experience required.

FemFusion/ Heels

Unleash your inner confidence and rediscover your connection with yourself in our empowering Fem Fusion class. This dynamic class blends elements of jazz, burlesque, hip hop, and more to create a unique and exciting dance experience. Designed to celebrate femininity and sensuality, Fem Fusion encourages self-expression and body positivity in a supportive and fun environment. Perfect for women of all dance backgrounds, this class will help you feel empowered, sexy, and in tune with your body. Join us and embrace your femininity through the art of dance. Currently offering beginner & intermediate/advanced classes.

Classroom attire: Please dress in what you can move in & makes you feel sexy. Get dolled up even if you want. As far as shoes you want a shoe with support through the ankles (zip up or tie up are a plus here), a flexible toe box with zero platform, and a heel that is thin and low profile. Going higher than 4 inches is not recommended. For your first class, regular dance shoes or barefoot is perfectly acceptable.

Tease Tone & Stretch

Get ready to move and groove with our Fem Fusion Warm-Up class tease, Tone, & Stretch. This 30-minute session focuses on preparing your body for the main class through a series of mobility exercises, gentle stretches, and strength-building movements—all with a sexy twist. Designed to enhance flexibility, increase mobility, and build core strength, this class sets the stage for a confident and empowered dance experience. Perfect for all levels, it’s the ideal way to get in the mood and warm up your body. Join us and start your FemFusion journey feeling strong and sexy.


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