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Mix-up your Fitness Routine with Our Weekend Workshops

Wake Up Your Body!

We all have workout regimens that we follow through the week. Whether it’s taking our regular classes at SMB, hitting the gym, going for a walk or run after work, or even just exercising at home, we’re devoted to doing all we can to improve our fitness and mental health. However, our bodies typically start to stagnate when we perform the same workout regime over and over.

As gym enthusiasts know, we have to keep introducing new workouts and new fitness regimens to keep the weight off of our body and to continue to maintain a toned figure. Introducing those new regimens, however, may not be the easiest thing to do. For one, we may not know just what else to do.

More importantly, we don’t want to burn ourselves out. Performing the same exercise every other day not only stagnates the body, but it also stagnates the mind. As such, we should find ways to keep our workouts exciting and challenging. One of the most fun solutions for this problem can be found at Studio Move Boise.

Make Workouts Fun Again

For those of us who are tired of the hum-drum cycle found at a gym or even for those who are just looking for a bit of fun on the weekend to improve their mental health and physical health, then Studio Move Boise has exactly what you need. We offer quite a few different dance workshops designed to keep you moving and have a blast.

For adults, there are a ton of fun and exciting dance workshops available. Here are just a few that we have offered in the past as well as a few special workshops that are coming to a weekend near you.

PAST: Don’t Worry, Be Yonce: Hip-Hop Cabaret Workshop by Ahley!

StudioMove was SOOOO excited to begin our workshop series with this cool class a couple weeks ago! Ladies harnessed their inner goddess at a sexy, stress free dance experience. We offered this in a fun, all inclusive and safe environment where we are ALL unique. Dancers brought their   fiercest attitude and worked their sensual side with HOT choreography made for any level of experience.

OCT 27: Michael Jackson Thriller Workshop


Thriller Halloween Choreography Workshop — All Ages are welcome! $5 Each. Register Here!

One thing for certain is that Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, and everyone loves Thriller. To make our Halloween weekend all the more exciting and spooky, we can sign up for the Michael Jackson Thriller Workshop. Not only will we learn some much-beloved dance moves, but the workshop will keep us on our feet and burning fat and calories, so we can indulge ourselves with a few sweets on Halloween night without the guilt.

For those of us who want a fun weekend celebrating the Halloween holiday and still feel like we’re contributing to our health, then this workshop is perfect! One thing that is certain is no one will be leaving that workshop without that song playing in our heads. Costumes optional!

Corvette Dancer Workshop

NOVEMBER 10, 2018. 6:30pm $15
Corvette Dancers Workshop! Register Here for the Femme Forward Dance Workshop at Studio Move Boise.

One final special workshop coming to Studio Move Boise is the Corvette Dancer workshop. We can learn quite a few new moves that are sure to impress our friends at this workshop. They are a popular experience in Boise and we are very excited to have this special workshop at our studio!

Thanksgiving Boot Camp! Registration Opens Soon.

While we all love the holidays, it is practically guaranteed that we’re going to gain some extra weight with all of the delicious food sitting around us. Not to mention, the colder weather just tends to keep us indoors more often than outside where we can take walks. To help ourselves not gain any extra weight–and thus make those New Year’s Goals all the easier–we can sign up for a special workshop known as the Thanksgiving Boot Camp!

As its name might suggest, this workshop is designed to help us remain slim for the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead of unbuttoning our pants after the big meal has been consumed, we can show off our trim figure and have seconds without worry. This is a fun weekend workshop that can help to break up our typical exercise regimen and help our bodies prepare for the onslaught of food on Thanksgiving.

When: Thanksgiving Morning
Registration opens soon!
7am OULA
8am Barre Burn/Sculpt
9am Hip-Hop Dance Fitness
How many calories is your typical Thanksgiving dinner….a whopping 4,500 calories!! Let us help you burn a few of those off! Join us for one or all  3 classes before you over indulged in all the festivities!
1 class $12
2 classes $15
3 classes $20
Prices per person, space is limited.

Schedule A Class Now!

To maintain a healthy weight and keep our bodies as trim and toned as we want them to be, we have to throw in a few surprise exercise regimens to shock the body. Dancing is one of the best methods of exercise. Those offered by SMB combine a heart-racing exercise with a whole ton of fun. Give us a look today and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to reserve a spot with us.

After the holidays are finished, we can be sure we’ll need a few extra weekends to help ourselves get our bodies back. There’s no better or more enjoyable way than to do so through dance!






Dancing Can Keep Your Kids Focused in School and Improve Performance

We all need some form of physical activity to stay healthy and live long, and that applies for the little ones too. Exercise is actually more important for children since their bodies are still developing, and physical activity helps their bodies grow and develop the right way. One of the best ways for children to stay physically active is dancing. Dance helps your children stay fit and at the same time, it improves their flexibility and range of motion.

The benefits of dancing for children are innumerable. It’s also quite obvious that arts provisioning in mainstream schools is shrinking, and as a parent, you may be wondering if dance classes are the next logical step for your child. Today, we help you clear the doubt. In this article, we explore the benefits of dancing and how this fun and exciting activity can keep your child focused in school and improve his or her performance. But first, how do you know if dancing is a good activity for your kid?

How to Tell If Dancing Is a Good Activity for Your Child

To reap all the benefits — beyond physical exercise — of dancing, your child has to find dancing, as an activity, fun and exciting. So, how can you tell if your kid’s into dancing? Well, if your child is old enough to know and express clearly what he/she likes, you can just ask. If the child isn’t sure, try sending him/her to a summer dance camp for week or two. It’s a great way for you and the child to figure out if dance classes are a welcome addition to their regular routine.

For younger children, there are a few ways to tell if a kid can benefit from dance lessons. For instance, does the child enjoy watching people dance on TV? Is the child always dancing around in the house? Or maybe your kid has expressed interest in dance lessons, directly or indirectly? And if so, enrolling him/her for a dance class is a good idea. Don’t worry about their age or size; most instructors will happily enroll children as young as 3 years old.

The Benefits of Dance Lessons for Kids

As we said earlier, dancing has a lot of benefits for children. For starters, dancing will help your child maintain a balanced lifestyle and it’s a fun source of exercise. But that’s not all, dancing can keep your child focused in school and improve academic performance. According to a study conducted by the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), children who participate in dancing and other performance arts show an improvement in reading comprehension, speaking, and writing skills. Here are some of the ways in which dance can help your child at school.

Dance Improves Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues, such as hyperactivity can have a negative impact on a child’s focus and academic performance. Dance is a skill that requires discipline, focus, and coordination. It’s one of the most effective ways of releasing pent-up energy. Dancing tends to have a calming effect on a child thus helping improve behavioral issues. The child learns to put in the same focus, discipline, and dedication they put in during dance class at school, which, in turn, leads to better academic performance.

Dancing Encourages Socialization

Dance class is a good place to make friends and help the child improve his or her social skills. With every dance class, your child learns how to improve his or her social and communication skills. The child also learns how to cooperate with others, work together as a team, and freely express himself/herself. These social and communication skills are transferred to the classroom.  When a child can express himself/herself clearly, ask the right questions, and cooperate with other students in the class, his/her academic performance will improve dramatically.

Dancing Boosts Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can affect the life of a child in many ways. For instance, low self-esteem often leads to poor academic performance in children. Physical activities such as dancing help a child understand how his/her body moves, which helps them become more comfortable in their own skin. It takes confidence and courage to dance in front of an audience. Therefore, dancing, in a way, help develop these important qualities — and a positive attitude. A child with confidence, courage, positive attitude, and high self-esteem will perform better at school.

Dancing Promotes Creativity

Dancing is a form of self-expression. Attending dance classes promotes creativity and helps a child learn to appreciate the arts. A child that starts exploring the world of dance at an early age will find a positive way to express him/herself and a positive outlet for his/her creativity. Dancing allows children to hone their creativity, which helps them know their fields of interest early in life. When a child knows what field of academics he/she wants to pursue, they are able to focus and perform better in school.