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Stephanie Millington


Stephanie began dancing at three years old in Rochester, MN. After graduating high school, Stephanie attended Brigham Young Univerity-Idaho to study Dance with an emphasis in choreography and performance. While in her undergrad, she directed and choreographed for the collegiate dancers company and performed with Brigham Young University-Idaho’s touring dance company Dance Alliance for three seasons. Stephanie Millington is passionate about her love for movement and shares that passion with the dancers she teaches.


Lauren Ivie Johnson

Yoga and Dance Instructor

I am a teacher and coach at heart, also a mom and by nature, a mover in all of the ways. I’ve taught in the arts for more than seventeen years, I am strong advocate for creative expression for all ages. As a dancer, runner in several marathons, and yogini, I have a passion for human anatomy & health, as well as fitness, dance technique and human expression. I believe in the power of community. My classes draw from nature, are energetic and challenging, when they need to be. I have worked for regional theatres in Outreach & Education, I have managed companies of actors & dancers ranging from infants to adults, and even seen some of my students go on to be nationally recognized, which is so fulfilling.


Taylor Cavazos


Taylor has over 12 years of dance experience in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, contemporary, and her personal favorite; hip hop! She began dancing at 8 years old in her hometown of Seattle, Washington. She has trained under professional dancers including Rie Hata, Kyle Hanagami, Kolanie Marks, Dave Scott, and Travis Wall. In 2008, she joined Phyzikal Graffi-T (PG FAM), an adult hip-hop team that trained and performed at a professional level. Performances included recitals, benefits, competitions and a dance film titled Battlefield America in 2012. She spent seven years teaching jazz and hip-hop classes at local dance studios and choreographed for many shows and competitions each year. Dance allowed her to travel to Los Angeles, Canada, Las Vegas, and Oregon for different performing opportunities. She has a strong passion for dance that will never be lost, and loves teaching people how to groove to the music while gaining confidence through movement.


Ella Smith

Hip-Hop Instructor

Bio Coming Soon!



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We just launched this mailer to invite the community to join us for free classes Jan 12th and 13th at our new Hot Yoga studio! We will be adding Hot Yoga and Hot Barre to our schedule along with our adult dance classes and kids program. RSVP here for the FREE Adult Classes on Jan 12th and 13th.


Our Barre Classes Will Benefit You In 5 Important Ways!

Our Barre Burn and Barre Sculpt Classes Will Benefit you in 5 Important Ways


Whether you are trying to slim down to fit into your wedding dress, or you just want to feel fit and healthy again, there are few workouts better than a barre burn class. This ballet-inspired fitness phenomenon features small, isometric movements that help to tighten and tone your core.


Here at Studio Move Boise, our team of expert instructors has seen the huge impact that barre can have. Aside from just generally feeling better about yourself, there are five really important ways that barre can benefit you:

Improved Posture


We often hear that people spend too much of their day slouched over looking at their phones or computer screens. However, by joining a barre class, you will soon notice that your spine begins to feel straighter and better aligned with the rest of your body. Barre can, quite literally, help you to stand a little taller.


Increased Flexibility

Though you certainly don’t need to be a gymnast to begin taking barre classes, you might begin to feel like one after a while. While many workouts focus on either strength or flexibility, barre focusses on both. You’ll soon find yourself bending in ways you didn’t know you could!



When they hear the word “workout”, many people instinctively think of activities like jogging and jumping. However, these exercises are very high-impact and can lead to serious knee and joint pain in the long run. However, barre is low-impact – meaning it is much gentler on your joints. If you want to work up a sweat without hurting your joints, barre is the workout for you.


Low Injury Risk

The low-impact nature of barre isn’t just good for the long-term health of your joints – it also helps to prevent injuries in the short-term. This makes barre an excellent option for everyone.


Fun and Social

Not only is barre a fantastic way to get fit and healthy, but it is also a whole lot of fun. You can gather a group of your closest friends, head to a barre class, turn on the music, and get those endorphins pumping. Barre helps you get fit and hang out with your friends – what’s not to love?


Studio Move Boise

Now that you know a little more about the wonderful benefits of a Barre Burn or Barre Sculpt class, you must be wondering where you can find one. Well, look no further than Studio Move Boise. Our wonderful team has been leading dance fitness classes in Boise, ID for years, and would love to have you join us for a Barre class.

Our owner and founder, Tawnya, has been in the industry for more than two decades. Having spent several years as a professional dancer, Tawnya decided to turn her attention to instructing. It is here that she developed a reputation as a creative and cutting-edge dance artist. As a result, Tawnya’s classes are always fun, unique, and original.

Throughout her career, Tawnya has trained at some of the top studios in the United States, including The Edge Performing Arts Center, Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City; and is still actively supporting drop-in studios in cities across the United States.

No matter what fitness level or stage of life you are currently at, joining a barre class could just be one of the best decisions that you ever make. Get fit and have fun by joining a class at our studio today! Here’s the schedule. 

Don’t forget you can always find us on the MINDBODY APP for our latest classes and to reserve your spot!

And coming in January, we’ll be turning up the heat in yoga and Barre….. get ready for Hot yoga and Hot Barre! You may want to secure our current offer $35/unlimted classes to start checking out all the different classes we offer and come see us in January when we turn it up even hotter!


HOT HOT HOT Update! Hot deal, Hot new classes!

It’s COLD Outside, But HOT in Here!

Join us tomorrow morning for our Thanksgiving Day Workout. We’ve got 3 great classes lined up– take 1 or all 3! Reserve your spot here. (Scroll down and take the link for more deets.)


DID YOU KNOW???? How many calories IN AN AVERAGE Thanksgiving Dinner? ….a whopping 4,500 calories!! Let us help you burn a few of those off! Join us for one or all 3 classes before you over indulged in all the festivities! You must pre-register at the link above to guarantee your spot! Space is limited. Proceeds go to support the Idaho Food Bank and City Lights Women & Children’s Shelter! Grab a friend and come Earn your pie with StudioMove!!

8am OULA (New high energy, fun class)
9am Barre Burn/Sculpt
10am Hip-Hop Dance Fitness

1 class $12
2 classes $15
3 classes $20

New classes coming up…….
Beginning NEXT week we will be offering OULA on our schedule:

OULA Dance Fitness!! 
A high energy, fun workout that will have you smiling, laughing, and sweating. Checkout their video at the bottom of this email. The ladies are sooooo fun!

Tues 9:30am
Thursdays 5:40pm
Saturdays 11:30am
Sign up here

Hot Yoga and Hot Barre? Yessssss Please!!!


Beginning in January our schedule is going to be even more amazing and we are making it even HOTTER:

We will be offering HOT Yoga, Vinyassa, Zin and HOT BARRE classes! We are currently in the process of hiring additional staff and creating our new schedule. If you haven’t already taken advantage of our new client special, you can do that right now by clicking here. Clients with current packages will be the first to know when we start offering Studio Move Boise Memberships which allow you access to exclusive info and to sign up for classes before anyone else!

Read the full update with links here



6 Ways Dance Classes Benefit Early Development in Kids


6 Ways Dance Classes Benefit Early Development in Kids

Most kids like to play and move around. Dance is an organized way of moving around. Dancing classes for kids allow them to get access to professional dance instructors and teachers, music, and other children. Even though dance is a form of exercise, it does not seem or feel like exercise for kids. Dance is fun. It is an easy way to convince kids that exercise does not have to be boring. If you instill a positive attitude while they are still young, your kids are likely to continue dancing when they grow up. The following are some of the ways that dance classes may help in early development.


  1. Developing Social Skills


Kids that are in a dancing school are likely to develop good social skills at a young age. They interact with other kids and their instructors. They have no choice but to develop good interpersonal and communication skills. Dancing schools may divide kids into teams. The kids learn the importance of teamwork in achieving a shared goal, leadership, and respect for authority figures. They learn how to listen to instructions from the instructors and suggestions from other kids. The social skills may help them in other aspects of their lives.


  1. #Confidance Development

Dance allows kids to develop high self-esteem. They learn about their bodies. People that understand how their bodies work are unlikely to be ashamed of their physical appearance. Most kids are unsure of themselves when they first join a dance class. They may think that they are unable to perform certain moves. When they do, they realize that they are just as capable as the people they looked up to. Trying out and succeeding in various challenges makes a child feel good. They become confident in their knowledge when they learn about different dance moves and their origins. Dance reduces shyness and promotes assertiveness. That’s why at we refer to confidence as #ConfiDance!


  1. Mental Development

Dance may facilitate the psychological development of children. A child’s brain is continually developing especially when the child learns new things. During a dance, kids learn about focus, body coordination, and making decisions fast. Dance encourages kids to explore their creativity. All the types of dance demand some creativity. Children can use their imagination to come up with new moves and provide solutions to various problems. There is no better time for human beings to develop their creativity than when they are young.


  1. Cognitive Development

Children that attend dance classes learn the importance of self-discipline from a young age. They learn the necessary skills and their ability to memorize, evaluate, and analyze things improves. It improves their progress in other aspects of their lives including academic performance and problem-solving skills. Dance demands for children to pay attention. Children that are below five years old have short attention spans of about 15 minutes. Dance classes may help with that. Children that attend dance classes at a young age learn to balance school and extracurricular activities when they grow older.


  1. Emotional Development

Dancing helps your child to learn how to identify and express different emotions. The ability to express feelings has both physical and mental benefits. They may learn to use dance as an outlet to express their feelings even when they grow older. Expressing emotions helps to reduce psychological stress and anxiety. It improves their self-esteem and may help you learn things about your child that you did not know.


  1. Academic Development

Children that attend dance classes have a strong academic foundation. They are likely to perform well in school. It sets a strong foundation for math. Dancing involves combinations of patterns and counting. Left-brain learning promotes logical thinking which increases chances of success in math. It helps to learn a language because dance involves a lot of vocabulary. It requires dancers to be creative. Creativity is important when learning a language. Kids may learn about the different parts of their bodies as they dance. It helps to improve their Science abilities. Dancers learn to focus and follow instructions. They learn how to be creative and inquisitive. These qualities may help set the foundation for academic success.

Preparing Kids for Dance School

If you plan on taking your kids to dance school for the first time, you need to prepare. Do not let the excitement make you forget important things. The following are some of the things to remember.

  • Dress the kids appropriately. Ensure that their dress code is flexible and relevant to their dance style. Their shoes should be comfortable and well-fitting
  • Explain to them what to expect. Preparing the kids may keep them from feeling awkward or anxious.
  • Encourage and reward your little dancers. It helps to build their confidence.
  • Reassure your kids that nothing will go wrong. Let them know that you will be there to assists them in case of any problems.

Dancing Can Keep Your Kids Focused in School and Improve Performance

We all need some form of physical activity to stay healthy and live long, and that applies for the little ones too. Exercise is actually more important for children since their bodies are still developing, and physical activity helps their bodies grow and develop the right way. One of the best ways for children to stay physically active is dancing. Dance helps your children stay fit and at the same time, it improves their flexibility and range of motion.

The benefits of dancing for children are innumerable. It’s also quite obvious that arts provisioning in mainstream schools is shrinking, and as a parent, you may be wondering if dance classes are the next logical step for your child. Today, we help you clear the doubt. In this article, we explore the benefits of dancing and how this fun and exciting activity can keep your child focused in school and improve his or her performance. But first, how do you know if dancing is a good activity for your kid?

How to Tell If Dancing Is a Good Activity for Your Child

To reap all the benefits — beyond physical exercise — of dancing, your child has to find dancing, as an activity, fun and exciting. So, how can you tell if your kid’s into dancing? Well, if your child is old enough to know and express clearly what he/she likes, you can just ask. If the child isn’t sure, try sending him/her to a summer dance camp for week or two. It’s a great way for you and the child to figure out if dance classes are a welcome addition to their regular routine.

For younger children, there are a few ways to tell if a kid can benefit from dance lessons. For instance, does the child enjoy watching people dance on TV? Is the child always dancing around in the house? Or maybe your kid has expressed interest in dance lessons, directly or indirectly? And if so, enrolling him/her for a dance class is a good idea. Don’t worry about their age or size; most instructors will happily enroll children as young as 3 years old.

The Benefits of Dance Lessons for Kids

As we said earlier, dancing has a lot of benefits for children. For starters, dancing will help your child maintain a balanced lifestyle and it’s a fun source of exercise. But that’s not all, dancing can keep your child focused in school and improve academic performance. According to a study conducted by the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), children who participate in dancing and other performance arts show an improvement in reading comprehension, speaking, and writing skills. Here are some of the ways in which dance can help your child at school.

Dance Improves Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues, such as hyperactivity can have a negative impact on a child’s focus and academic performance. Dance is a skill that requires discipline, focus, and coordination. It’s one of the most effective ways of releasing pent-up energy. Dancing tends to have a calming effect on a child thus helping improve behavioral issues. The child learns to put in the same focus, discipline, and dedication they put in during dance class at school, which, in turn, leads to better academic performance.

Dancing Encourages Socialization

Dance class is a good place to make friends and help the child improve his or her social skills. With every dance class, your child learns how to improve his or her social and communication skills. The child also learns how to cooperate with others, work together as a team, and freely express himself/herself. These social and communication skills are transferred to the classroom.  When a child can express himself/herself clearly, ask the right questions, and cooperate with other students in the class, his/her academic performance will improve dramatically.

Dancing Boosts Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can affect the life of a child in many ways. For instance, low self-esteem often leads to poor academic performance in children. Physical activities such as dancing help a child understand how his/her body moves, which helps them become more comfortable in their own skin. It takes confidence and courage to dance in front of an audience. Therefore, dancing, in a way, help develop these important qualities — and a positive attitude. A child with confidence, courage, positive attitude, and high self-esteem will perform better at school.

Dancing Promotes Creativity

Dancing is a form of self-expression. Attending dance classes promotes creativity and helps a child learn to appreciate the arts. A child that starts exploring the world of dance at an early age will find a positive way to express him/herself and a positive outlet for his/her creativity. Dancing allows children to hone their creativity, which helps them know their fields of interest early in life. When a child knows what field of academics he/she wants to pursue, they are able to focus and perform better in school.